• Services

    • Backend Development

      I help clients to develop the backend of the product as per the requirement. I prefer using PHP and Node Js for all of my development work.

    • Frontend Development

      I feel great working with front-end specially component based frameworks like Vue, Angular and sometime modular JavaScript.

    • Secure & Modern Code

      Security is crucial part of any product which intrigues me to the core. I keep the code updated with the latest security features and less vulnerable.

    • Hybrid Apps

      Hybrid Apps / Cross platform app development allow applications to work on multiple platforms like iOS, android, and window.

  • Works

    • Static Portfolio Development

      A single page portfolio developed using HTML, Css and Javascript. The website is…

    • Web App Development

      Helped the client to create a question paper generator web application. It inclu…

    • Backend Dashboard

      Helped the client to to implement few new features in the existing dashboard of …

  • Partners