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Businesses these days have already understood the importance of MVP (Minimal Viable Product) and the practices of building MVP first have become a norm in the startup world, and that's a very good thing. To create an MVP, there are generally two options

To create an MVP, there are generally two options

  • Hire own team of UI/UX Designers & Developers.
  • Work with a software company to deliver the solution.

Having your own team working towards your product & idea sounds splendid but in action, it is very debatable when it comes to MVP Development. In fact, having a trustworthy Software Development house taking care of the MVP development can prove to be your right decision if you visualize it in a bigger picture.

We all know that execution plays a major role in deciding the fate of any idea. We should invest our most important resources, our time, more wisely than any other thing while starting up any business.

Having a good Software Development Company taking care of your product's development while you're chalking out "Go-to-Market Strategies", "Customer Acquisition Plan", "Marketing & Sales approach", curating and growing list of your "Early Adopters", "SWOT Analysis", and so on. It should give you a very good head start and ensure your chances of succeeding. Being the CEO, your time should always be revolving around your business, not on the tech side. The next major thing that comes up is the Price. The initial investment in the product. In the initial stage, investing money in something uncertain can be a little difficult decision. Either of the options isn't very cost-effective. The rescue is a no-code or low-code solution.

For MVP Development, people are adapting using no-code or low-code services to create a usable product, and that is quite good for people who are coming from a non-tech background. No-code platforms use drag & drop predefined components such as login, push notification capabilities, and so on to create the application for you. However, there are some pros and cons I would like to highlight.


  • It will shorten the application development time by up to 3-5 times (1-3 weeks, sometimes longer)
  • The cost will be reduced by 40-50%, or even more for some simpler solution.
  • No or little coding knowledge would be required.
  • Validation of your idea becomes quick with limited results.


  • Limitations in the number of pre-defined components especially if your idea has some complexity.
  • Customizing some features can be difficult.
  • Validation of ideas can be ambiguous due to the poor performance of the apps, sometimes.

How should you decide which way to go?

The no-code option would be good if the features you want your MVP should have, are possible using the service you're going with. However, being part of a company that specialized in MVP Development, I would like to highlight that going with Software Development Companies, that are focusing on MVP development could be the right way.

Here are the reasons

  1. Even if you use the No-code or Low-Code platform, you have to spend an ample amount of time going through all the platform's complexities to create your solution. Rather, your time can be utilized working on getting businesses, talking to leads, investors, etc while a Software Company House is taking care of the development. It is a parallel approach that makes the entire MVP validation period shorter.
  2. After release, while validating the product with early adopters, iterations are something very common, and that has to be done very quickly. Having the right Development partner could speed up all the immediate development requirements.
  3. The tech world is huge now and keeps on growing with programming languages, libraries, development stacks, newer technologies, etc. Taking decisions on what is good and what is not, is even harder, due to the fact that everything has its own pros and cons. Leaving things on experts can bypass this hurdle and can even help you choose a cost-effective way as well.

I have tried to emphasize that starting up a business that demands technical requirements is not just about the technical product, rather it is going to involve the business side of it irrespective of any industry. We at TheCodeWork working towards developing products faster in a cost-effective way with our MVP Program.

Reach out to me if you looking for a Technical Team for your product, have some idea and are not sure how to give it a life, or even if you have some complex application to be developed, we are here for you. We prefer analysis, clear-cut advice, and solid technology over momentary fads.

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