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I started writing blog in back 2016 when I joined a product based company in Pune, India as Full-Stack Software Developer. Being web enthusiast, I started writing about Laravel, JavaScript, and VueJS. Although, the content can be bit outdated as they weren't update periodically but just keeping it as archived making sure it exists on the real world.


What’s New in Laravel 5.3 Release
Programming #Laravel

## Introduction As we all know we’re getting more closer to Laravel 5.3 release and expecting some cool features. So today I thought I should write my own perspective on this release. There are lots of changes including some big changes and some small changes we’re expecting to see in this release....

2 minutes read 25th Jul 2016

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How to write JavaScript Library
Programming #Javascript

So ever wondered writing own JavaScript library ? yes? so this post is for you. In this article I’ll show you some very simple way to start off writing own javascript library moreover the pattern of modularizing the code. So lets start with some initial boilerplate. ``` var Demo = (function(){...

around a minute read 3rd Jul 2016

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Detecting Geolocation With JavaScript
Programming #Geolocation

All modern browsers are capable of detecting their own location either by GPS, WiFi or ip addresses. Geolocation is much more accurate for modern devices with GPS, like iPhone and Android. In this post we’re going to see some easy and pure javascript code for detecting geolocation without depending...

around a minute read 24th Jun 2016

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Vis Js as Vue Js’ Component
Programming #VueJS# VisJS

This blog is all about creating Vis Timeline as Vue‘s component. First of all, Vue.js is a MVVM ( Model View – View Model ) framework which is intuitive, fast and composable for building interactive interfaces. And Vis Timeline is great library to creating timeline and timetable sort of web applicat...

less than a minute read 17th Jun 2016

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A javascript class that allows us to register several different functions to execute a single common callback function
Programming #Javascript

### The purpose of the class is to execute all the registered functions asynchronously and then, once all of them are finished, It should execute the defined callback function. ``` (function() { function Batch(functions, completionHandler) { this._functions = functions; this._co...

less than a minute read 3rd Apr 2016

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