• Simple Realtime Notification System Using PHP, Node and

    A simple Realtime Notification System using PHP, NodeJS and Requirements PHP Node Js It will be helpful if your application is on native php and want to implement Realtime Notification System using node and Directory Structure . +–_ajax +–insertNewMessage.php //For inserting new Message or Notification +–readNotification.php //For Marking the notification read +–_class +–Database.class.php […]

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  • A javascript class that allows us to register several different functions to execute a single common callback function

    The purpose of the class is to execute all the registered functions asynchronously and then, once all of them are finished, It should execute the defined callback function. (function() { function Batch(functions, completionHandler) { this._functions = functions; this._completionHandler = completionHandler; } Batch.prototype.execute = function execute() { var i; var functions = this._functions; var length = […]

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  • Multi Auth With Laravel 5.2

    How to implement Multi Auth in Larvel 5.2 Lets start with two tables admin and users. Laravel 5.2 comes with new artisan command which will generate route, controller and views for users table. php artisan make:auth After this command your controller have these files. app/Http/Controllers/Auth/AuthController app/Http/Controllers/Auth/PasswordController Now make an admin table. ( For simplicity you […]

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