Simple Realtime Notification System Using PHP, Node and

A simple Realtime Notification System using PHP, NodeJS and


  1. PHP
  2. Node Js

It will be helpful if your application is on native php and want to implement Realtime Notification System using node and

Directory Structure

   +--insertNewMessage.php //For inserting new Message or Notification
   +--readNotification.php //For Marking the notification read
   +--Database.class.php // Database connection
   +--HelperClass.php //Helper class 
   +--install.php //for installing the table 
+--_css ( Required all Css Files )
   +--_node_modules( Containing all node module files )
   +--nodeClient.js //Handling all client side request and actions
   +--nodeServer.js //Noder server which handles realtime socket 
   +--pnotify.min.js //for desktop and custom notifications
+index.php //Home page


Download the zip and follow the instructions mentioned in the file.