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  • Calculating Distance using MySQL

    While working on project I recently came across very complex SQL query which mainly includes distance calculations. Initially I started off with pretty basic Haversine Formula which worked really fine at first. Then suddenly I walked into very complex situation where I felt the Haversine is not enough so I started looking out for replacement […]

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  • How To Setup Two Factor Authentication in Laravel

    Two Factor Authentication

    Introduction Two Factor Authentication Two Factor Authentication (2FA), often referred to as Two-Step-Verification, is a security process in which the user provides two authentication factors to verify they are who they say they are. Two-Factor Authentication provides an additional layer of security that makes it harder for attackers to gain access to person’s device and […]

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  • Laravel Valet

    Laravel Valet

    App development is big thing but, to make the environment ready is not a simple and steady task. Sometime you can set up your development environment in minutes but, sometimes developers struggle around to make it ready. In PHP, there are few popular developing environment like XAMPP and MAMPP are there which is almost available […]

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  • What’s New in Laravel 5.3 Release

    Introduction As we all know we’re getting more closer to Laravel 5.3 release and expecting some cool features. So today I thought I should write my own perspective on this release. There are lots of changes including some big changes and some small changes we’re expecting to see in this release. Also there are also […]

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  • Multi Auth With Laravel 5.2

    How to implement Multi Auth in Larvel 5.2 Lets start with two tables admin and users. Laravel 5.2 comes with new artisan command which will generate route, controller and views for users table. php artisan make:auth After this command your controller have these files. app/Http/Controllers/Auth/AuthController app/Http/Controllers/Auth/PasswordController Now make an admin table. ( For simplicity you […]

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